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There are many ships and destinations to chose from in Southern California. Most or all offer different tours and excursions once to reach a port. They range from riding on ATVs in the wine country to mini harbor tours. Mexico has all kinds of day trips and from horse riding on the beach to shopping in town. You can find out what the different off ship adventurers from the cruise brochure or on line with the cruise line.

We have been cruising on the big boats for years and each time it’s more exciting. The food is the best, the buffets are great. We went to a midnight chocolate with ice carvings in the middle of the buffet table. There were ice castles, swans and other beautiful statues. Most cruise line offer free room service 24/7. So much to do on the cruise line, if you plan ahead each day you will have a great time. Lot’s of cruise ships place a daily news letter under your door early in the morning to give you an idea whats up for that day. We worried at first about gaining weight on the ship but we have found out that there is so much to do you are moving around instead of sitting on the couch at home. People say that the drinking water on the ship is so pure it rivals bottled water. Have a great trip.

Disney Cruises
Disney cruise line now has ports in California, this is great as Disney is one of our favorites. One of their California ships is the Disney Wonder. The Wonder treats families like families and adults like friends. There is tons of stuff to do while on board. They have many exciting restaurants, Tritons, (Based on The Little Mermaid), Animator’s Palett, (Restaurant based on the drawings of the Disney characters) Parrot Cay, (A bahamian type restaurant) and one specialty restaurant, Palo Adult only (elegant cuisine). They have a wonderful buffet called the Beach Blanket also fast food like Goofy’s Galley, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria and Pluto’s Dog House. There are programs for kids and teens.
There are three pools and one is for adults only. There are cocktail lounges and more adult entertainment!
When the ship’s horn blows it plays, “When You Wish Upon a Star”, how cool is that! They have huge theaters and really great shows. Disney Wonder currently sails 7 night Mexican Rivera cruises out of Los Angeles from October to April, sailing to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas check out their web site for other ports. disneycruise.disney.go.com

Carnival Cruises
Carnival Cruise’s cover the west leaving from San Diego and Los Angeles in Southern California. They have their largest ship on the west coast starting December 2011. There are great cruise’s to the Mexico Riviera and all points in between. The food is wonderful and you can eat all day if you want. There is entertainment on deck during the day and Vegas type shows at night. Check out Carnival’s web site for all the information you need. We always have had a great time. www.carnival.com

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