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Facts about our great state

California is most likely the only state that has everything we could ask for. Well maybe not the Grand Canyon, but everything else. We have great mountains, deserts, forests, sun baked beaches, entertainment, super food, parks, international airports, Golden Eagles, pro baseball, football, hockey and soccer teams. We have beautiful minor league baseball parks that look and feel like the big guys. The lowest point in North America (Death Valley 282 ft below sea level) and the highest point in continental USA (Mount Whitney 14,495 ft) are in California. We have the largest movie and television industry right here in Southern California with most of the actors and actresses living in the area. California has recorded the highest temperature in all of United States at Death Valley July 10, 1913, 134°F. The Orange was first planted right here and brought in by the Franciscan missionaries.

Our state bird is the Valley Quail. The flower is the California poppy, the tree is the Redwood and the mineral is Native Gold. The California grizzly and the Golden Trout are both state symbols. Our state motto is “Eureka” (I have found it).

Our state expectation is sun, fun and great food!!

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